Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers

Let me just start this post off by saying…this entire process of redesigning my ring was SO AMAZING! There are a ton of great reputable jewelers out there. However I decided to go with one… View Post

The Moments That Matter, A Story of Loss and Gain

“Shout-out to my past self for putting in the work to get me where I am right now. And to my future self: I’m working, I’m grinding, I got this, I got you.” – Unknown… View Post

Nordstrom’s 2019 Anniversary Sale

It is that time AGAIN! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! With only one day left, I figured I needed to get my butt into gear and get this posted! Can ya’ll tell how excited I am?!… View Post

Nordy’s 2019 Winter Sale

Hey again, your favorite Yankee of the South here. Welcome back my blog, aka the Suburbs of the South! Seriously guys, I honestly thought living in Connecticut for 24 years of my 28 (almost 29… View Post

The Big Chop, DevaCut Style

“I write all this, to say this…I don’t care what: color you are, size or if you have curly or straight hair. YOU are beautiful inside and out! For my curl-friends, embrace the #BigChopChallenge and… View Post