A Star is Born

“The Arizona sky, burnin’ in your eyes / You look at me and babe, I wanna catch on fire / It’s buried in my soul like California gold / You found the light in me that I couldn’t find.” – Always Remember Us This Way

I am going to waste no time on this post with the chity chat guys! I am digging right into this review of the movie AND soundtrack to A Star Is Born! This movie got a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes! And I know how stingy Rotten Tomatoes can be with that score (usually rightfully so), but the movie is literally that good!

I am a hopelessly hopeful romantic. I am such a sucker for a good love story. So ironically enough I did NOT want to see A Star is Born! Lets not get this 2018 remake confused with the the 1976 version with Barbara Streisand (which I’ve never seen).

Anyhow my mom begged me to go, but I kept passing up the opportunity, so much that she ended up going to see it alone the first time. After she came home raving about Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s performance, I was still hesitant. I had no interest in looking up what the movie was even about. I however did eventually cave; and Jesse, my mom and I went to see it.

I can honestly say, I was wrong for even doubting this movie, either actress/actors performance! It was beautifully written, eloquently directed and so riveting. It was simply put, real. Bradley Cooper honestly deserves an Oscar for his performance. Lady Gaga’s acting was surprisingly refreshing and so real. She embraced the character and really made me believe it and her performance. There were many moments when I found myself holding my breath, other times shying away to wipe a tear from my eyes.

I really want to go further into detail, however I’m afraid if I do that I will away the movie for someone who has not seen it. I will say this, that movie did not at all go as I expected it! It is not your everyday romance, but it’s a love story that stood the test of time. There is a quote I heard one time on a movie, it was a preacher talking to a couple and he said, “love is suppose to be fireproof. That doesn’t mean that the fire won’t come. Just that when it does, you’ll be able to withstand it.”

Now lets dig into the soundtrack and the lyrics, shall we?!

I am literally one of those people who can listen to a movie soundtrack, instrumental or a regular one for hours. So much so, Gladiator is by far one of my favorite Movie Scores, and Hans Zimmer is one of my all time favorite composers. No kidding, I can typically tell if a movie score is his!

I was NOT expecting to fall in love with this soundtrack…but surprise surprise, I did! Some of the songs they came out with will make you want to either blast the music with your windows down (song called Black Eyes) or pour yourself of wine, soak in the tub and stay for hours (song called I’ll Never Love Again). Please at the very least samples a few of the songs. You guys will seriously thank me later! Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga absolutely deserve a Grammy for the movie soundtrack!

Bradley Cooper…that man! Whew! With a lot of guitar & piano lessons and the help of Lukas Nelson (legend and musical icon Willie Nelson’s son), he managed to make some serious magic on this soundtrack. I had no clue that he had such a beautiful methodical voice, I am still in awe.

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Lady G shows just how skilled she is as a singer in the song ‘I’ll Never Love’. It literally gave me chills and goosebumps on my arms when she began singing. She slowly draws you in with softly speaking of regrets, tears withheld and the giving of hearts. It’s then that the tempo picks up and the strings slowly begin to play in the background. I swear in that moment you are transported to a dimly lit theater in the city where the orchestra is flanking her and she’s speaking to you and every broken heart you’ve ever had to nurse. It is hauntingly beautiful and raw. I have already purchased the soundtrack on my phone and I very much look forward to purchasing the movie once it is out of theaters. If you’re STILL debating wether or not you’d like to see the movie, check out this music video I’ve linked of Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper singing one of their songs titled “Shallow” from the movie. It’ll give you a sneak peak of what you’re in store for. Until next time!

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