On the subject of me:

Y ‘all! Thank you so much for coming to show my blog some love! My name is Tiffany Turner, I am a 29-year-old blogger, with a full-time job on the side! I was born and raised in West Hartford, CT by a Southern belle & NC Native.

4 years ago, I left CT, moving to Charlotte, NC in hopes of a fresh start. After 2 years, I was finally learning how to navigate the Queen City, little did I know, that isn’t all I was about to be navigating. During an organizational restack, my regional position at my job was eliminated and I was laid-off. There goes the cushy comfort zone I’d worked so hard to build!

What’s that famous quote? Oh yeah! “Great things never came from comfort zones.”

Directionally challenged as I am, I began to yet again navigate these unpredictable waters called life. After much consideration (wine, therapy sessions and the support of my mama), I decided to make the BIG move and relocate. Accepting a new position, I ended up in Raleigh, NC. Talk about a change!

I couldn’t do any of this without the help of my awesome tribe. Thank you to my mama, my beautiful spunky 8-year-old daughter, and our mini Goldendoodle fur baby. You guys make life that much sweeter.

Why this blog:

This blog is going to cover ALL types of fashion, I am petite so it’s hard to find things for us girls. But also, everything that falls within the category of lifestyle! I created this blog because, for one, I love fashion! I typically go for more low-key outfits, but something about a red lip and pair of killer pumps makes me feel like I could run the world! Am I the only one singing Beyoncé in my head right now?

This blog has been an idea for quite some time, but in the works for the last year. I FINALLY decided I was going to share some of the things that make living one of my favorite things to do.

I hope through my food recipes, fashion tips, stories of my crazy kid, bumps in my relationships, and more; that this blog will merely remind you, that you are NOT alone in the world. Nor are you the only person who sneaks to eat a mini (or large) chocolate coated Nestle ice cream Drumstick after everyone goes to bed!

What to expect:

If you’re looking for sugar-coated stories; detailing a perfect life, let me burst your bubble now… you won’t find them here. If you’re looking for real-life scenarios, fashion alerts, tips for parents (especially single moms) and so much more…you’re in the right place!

I decided a long time ago to let the fire within me burn brighter and longer, then any pain I’ve endured. It is my sincere hope this blog will push you to do the same. I hope to reveal to YOU that hidden inner strength you didn’t even know you possessed.

This Northern belle; may be living in the South, but to me it’s just south of heaven.

                                         Join me in my Southern paradise!