Labor Day 2019 Sales

Welcome Ya’ll! For those who are new, welcome to the fam. For those who are returning, thank you for your continued support! This post is going to be short and sweet! Kind of like me… View Post

Redesigning My Engagement Ring w/ Happy Jewelers

Let me just start this post off by saying…this entire process of redesigning my ring was SO AMAZING! There are a ton of great reputable jewelers out there. However I decided to go with one… View Post

The Moments That Matter, A Story of Loss and Gain

“Shout-out to my past self for putting in the work to get me where I am right now. And to my future self: I’m working, I’m grinding, I got this, I got you.” – Unknown… View Post

Nordstrom’s 2019 Anniversary Sale

It is that time AGAIN! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! With only one day left, I figured I needed to get my butt into gear and get this posted! Can ya’ll tell how excited I am?!… View Post

Nordy’s 2019 Winter Sale

Hey again, your favorite Yankee of the South here. Welcome back my blog, aka the Suburbs of the South! Seriously guys, I honestly thought living in Connecticut for 24 years of my 28 (almost 29… View Post